As a tile retailer we realised that people wanted more than tile selection, they had an idea… a Concept! Floor tiles were the cornerstone of that Concept, hence Concept Tiles and Surfaces was born.

We’ve been in the tiles and flooring business since 1982 but we’re always finding better ways to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have and continue to design our showrooms around our clients. They’re comfortable, innovative, fashionable and enjoyable. Concept Tiles are a fusion of innovation, design and people!

Our people are all here because they genuinely want to make the experience of buying tiles and surfaces a great one for all our clients.

Some people have a very focused idea of what they want; while others start off with a broader picture and narrow it down once they’ve seen the scope of tiles and surfaces available. Whatever stage you’re up to Concept Tiles is the place to go.

Concept Tiles and Surfaces are more than tile shops. It’s a place where imagination is just the beginning.

It’s a place where you can feel secure about your choice with guaranteed product and great advice. It’s a place where colour meets practicality and our colour consultant’s one goal is to make your purchase become a great and timeless experience.

We import and manufacture tiles using the latest forecasts in design and colour always utilizing the most progressive production methods and ideas from all over the world so that you’ll have the best tiles and surfaces for your needs inside and out! We are so confident in our products and prices that we even offer a Concept Tiles Price Guarantee.

Concept Tiles is a fusion of innovation, design and people… see you there!