Ceramic tiles are essentially a practical, low maintenance flooring material. It is important to clean the tiles regularly so that dirt doesn’t build up. Tiles are a great product, however they won’t stay clean by themselves.

Your number one enemy is DIRT. Always keep your tiles clean – trapped dirt can be very abrasive and this sand and gritty dirt is likely to damage any tiled surface.

Always use a mat or rug at the entrance to doorways.

In most instances, cleaning ceramic tiled floors is relatively easy. Cleaning should always begin with the gentlest means possible, which may be as simple as warm water. Regular maintenance should include sweeping, or preferably dry or damp mopping or vacuuming to reduce grit.

Tiles can usually be cleaned with a non-soap-based household floor cleaner, such as one of the domestic products intended for cleaning ceramic tile floors available on the market. Or something as simple as a little vinegar added to your water when cleaning.

Although heavily soiled areas may be difficult to clean completely. All cleaning and stain-removal products should always be tested on a small, inconspicuous area before using on the entire tiled surface.

Do not use Abrasive cleaners (including powdered cleansers and even “mildly” abrasive creams) and mechanical equipment can damage and wear away the protective surface, as well as the decorative design on tiles.